A Forgotten Love…

He had sat there for awhile.
Five years ago when she had sat him down,
Never moving, not even daring to blink,
Awaiting the time when she’d finally walk in.

When she wasn’t looking, he’d secretly move,
Just a little, just that unnoticeable little bit.
Only so that he could see her better,
Watch the beautiful angel go about her day.

She didn’t come to him that much anymore,
She had gotten bored of him a long time back.
And yet, she had never cast him away,
She still kept him, her prisoner.

In the beginning, when she had picked him out,
Fear was the only emotion he had felt.
But despite it all, she had showered him with her love,
And she had won him over very soon.

He had lent her courage in the dark,
A shoulder to cry on when she needed,
He had always stayed by her side,
And he knew he was hers for life.

And yet, she had slowly gotten tired of him,
She no longer needed him right next to her.
But somewhere in the depths of her heart,
He knew she still loved him a lot….

Pc: Google
Pc: Google

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