If my Dog was a Guy…

A couple of weekends back, I decided not to go out anywhere and just sit and relax at home. After a couple of hectic weeks at work, it made sense to just do absolutely nothing in the weekend instead of going out in the sun or anything like that. So I sat at home doing absolutely nothing for two days during which the most fun I had (which was actually a lot of fun) was annoying my cute little sweetheart, my dog. And yes, dogs for life!

Stand and Ollie (I live with two dogs) are two of the cutest boys I have ever known. They’re cute, they listen to you, they idolize you and best of all, they give you all the attention you want.

If my Dog was a Guy...
If my Dog was a Guy…

Not picking any favourites, but let’s talk about one for now, Stan.
Stan is a big boy. Stan wakes up when I come home at 11 pm after a long day at work. Stan stays with me once I’m home and doesn’t go to sleep immediately. Stan follows me around. Stan sits when I ask him to. Stan is bae. Stan is love.

Hahaha, having said all that, it got me curious about how Stan would be if he was a guy. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want a guy that does all that per se (it would be creepy in that case). But then again, imagine finding a guy who listens to everything you said. Wouldn’t that take away all the suspense and fun and drama out of life (or is it just me who thinks that)? So I spent a little bit thinking about all this and wondering and being curious. It was a clear manifestation fo how bored I actually was. I was grasping at straws to entertain myself.

So here’s the conclusion I came to in the end.

I am definitely glad Stan isn’t a human Guy. Cause to me, dogs are amazing. Dogs are the best. And except a handful of people in my life (parents, brothers, sisters and so on) dogs are definitely better than Humans. Dogs are the best. I definitely need to think of better things to write about here, but excuse this one, cause this was definitely very important to me. So here’s the conclusion I came to in the end.

Ps. Why don’t you guys comment on this post and tell me something that you guys feel this amount of passion towards? I look forward to reading all your comments. Cheers.

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