‘Don’t You Want Me?’ by India Knight, A Review…

Right, so the last book I read was one I got from the library. It had a nice title, a cute cover and what seemed like a nice story from the gist in the back.

‘Don’t You Want Me?’  is an interesting novel by India Knight with a simple, interesting and an engaging plot.

The novel has a simple storyline that follows Stella, single mum on the wrong side of 30 after a marriage that ended in 10 days and a live-in relationship that gave her her baby. With a beautiful baby ‘Honey, Stella attempts to find her place in her little world. She joins a new playgroup, meets new people, dates, parties and all that.

The essential idea of the story follows Stella as she worries about herself, her romantic life or lack thereof. She has ‘ginger’ roommate who she adores but who’s ginger hair turns her off. She makes new friends (finally) and even sets her up with Frank (The ginger roommate). But by the end of the book, of course, she gets over her aversion and ditches her new friend for a happily ever after with ‘Ginger’ Frank.

In between, her French father makes an appearance with a costume for Stella. Dominic, Honey’s father, makes an appearance as now a friend of Stella’s with his new girlfriend, ‘Keiko’.

And of course, not to forget the appearance of the 60 plus aged plastic surgeon with dyed chest hair.

Right, so there’s lots to knit pick on and find fault with this book. There’s Stella’s lack of morality, judgemental behavior and much more. But, there is some good out of this book too.

If you can manage to read the novel without looking too deep and just enjoying the bad puns and the basic storyline, this might actually be alright and work as an entertaining and simple read.

So there you go, a novel with a storyline that should have been researched better with much more details that must have gone into each character. An entertaining style of writing that has its faults but manages to at least make the readers finish reading.

I’d give it a 2.5/5.


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