For the Love of Snow…

Well, I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve always been a huge fan of the Snow.

So yea, I’ve mentioned my love for Winter and colder temperatures and I know it might even feel like I’m repeating, but I truly can’t help it.

Snow is the one thing that perk me up from any mood.

So moving half way across the globe for my masters, I was upset when I realised that I had chosen a place where the chance of snow was very very slim. But, I remained hopeful.

And I was blessed.

It so happened that one blessed night, the skies decided to grant my wish. They opened up to snow.

And no, while that might be the assumption, this was more of a mixture of something that alternated between Snow, Hail and Sleet.

But hey, who cares, it snowed.

And I put on my jacket, put on a cap and stepped out of my house and danced in the snow ❄️ . Yayyy 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

So yea, I’m happy, and perky and going to sleep. Here’s to all your wishes coming true 🍷.

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