Evil Dead (2013), A Review…

There could be many reasons as to why you won’t agree with me on this post.

Evil Dead is one of the scariest horror movies I’ve watched.

Again, you might not agree with me, and I might be wrong because I haven’t watched as many of the good ones yet or maybe I’ve just got a weak stomach.

But having said that, the newer version of Evil Dead was by far the one horror movie that managed to get on my nerves.

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Based on the story of a family who go to their old cabin to try and help the little sister turn clean and end up victims of a demon they unleash without knowing, Evil Dead is a supernatural horror movie, the fourth in the franchise.

With jump scares that actually make you jump, the film takes a step closer to reality through graphics. With absolutely outstanding 3D and graphic works, there’s no part in the film where you think, ‘Damn, that could have been better.’

While it might not always stand out, the cinematography in this film by Aaron Morton does a great job in making it feel real. The best

With all the gore in all the right places that you’d expect from a horror film, this one definitely makes it into the must-watch list.

While there might not be too much suspense in the film, if you didn’t analyze it too much, it wouldn’t be an obvious storyline either.

So there it is if you’re one of those people who loves gore, this is definitely right up your alley! A must-watch, despite the scare, according to me.

I’d give it a 4/5.


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