Out of Rest…

She closed her laptop and leaned back. She was sitting on the floor leaning against the sofa. Her head was very close to a migraine and she knew that she needed to take a break from her work. But she couldn’t. The stress was getting to her. It was starting to feel like she had a migraine every other day.

She had been promoted about 3 months back, and ever since, the workload had tripled, at the least.

She loved what she did. And she knew that she was lucky that the company had recognized her potential and promoted her only after working in the company for a little over a year.

As much as she loved her new responsibilities, she knew that she needed to learn to delegate.

She had the unfortunate ability to expect perfection in whatever she did. More often than not, this meant that she double checked everything, and then after the whole thing was done, she checked it again.

This meant that it took more time and more work on her plate. She still didn’t mind, she absolutely loved the added responsibilities. But sometimes, like the last week, it got out of her hand.

She hadn’t slept in the last four days. It had been work, full on. She had even stayed at the office the previous night. And now, at about 4 am, it was finally done. She had completed the project, checked it and emailed it to her clients. She could finally take some rest now…


Pc: Google

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