Student of the Year (2012), A Review

I know that this post is probably late by about 5 years, but being someone who doesn’t exactly know Hindi, I only finally saw the movie in the last week.

So, the movie.

Student of the Year is a movie based on the lives of a group of students and the events that happen to them in their final year of college. The whole story is narrated in flashback. The film begins with the former Principal of the College having taken ill and wishing to meet the students of his final batch as a Principal. As the students begin to arrive one by one, the story of what happened 10 years back is revealed, all revolving around the ‘Student of the Year Competition.’

Karan Johar has done a pretty good job of his only directorial venture without Shahrukh Khan.

Overall, the movie mainly revolves around 3 of the students, the rich arrogant but good-hearted Rohan Nanda, the orphaned but serious and goal-oriented Abhimanyu Singh and the rich and fashion obsessed Shanaya Singhania. the story of course also involves a few other students who all together form their gang.


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I must say, for amateur and first-time actors at the time, the main characters do a pretty decent job of bringing out the character. Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, and Sidharth Malhotra all do a great job convincing the audience. All three certainly look stunning.

The story, on the whole, captures attention and it is a fun movie to watch.

But, as a film, it does have a few obvious flaws.

For one, it certainly does feel like there is no specific need for Alia Bhat’s character. The one main role her character plays in the film is to break the relationship between the two guys. But this certainly didn’t need for the film to have as much focus on her character as it does.

Another problem, for me, in the film is that in the beginning, the movie does come across as a little boring. For me, it took a little convincing to keep watching the film for the first half hour. But I’ll admit, once I got past the half-hour mark, it was much better.

So on the whole, it’s not a bad movie. It certainly makes for a fun few hours.

I’d give it a 3.5/5.

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