College Days…

Throughout high school, all of us dream of the day when we’re all done with school and step into college.

We look forward to being by ourselves, finding new friends, and having fun.

We always have a million perceptions of how college is going to be. We have a million other ideas of how we want college to be.

But here’s the catch, college is nothing like those two million ideas. It’s completely different.

College is a time in our lives that we will never get back. We’ll spend the rest of our lives wishing we were back there with that same gang we used to hang out with.

Engineering, Arts, or Commerce, irrespective of what it is we study, college will always be that time in our life, when we finally stopped being kids, stepped out as adults, and found ourselves in this world. We make mistakes, figure out what went wrong, and still be happy.

And yet, despite how much we enjoy it, most of us forget to enjoy what we have, while we have it.


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College life runs away faster that you could ever imagine. And it’s up to us to slow down, hit the pause button, take a deep breath and enjoy it.

And that’s what college is all about.

It’s about enjoying yourself, having a lot of fun, making new friends and finding ourselves.

It’s not even over yet, and I already miss my college.

Cheers to the three best years of my life.

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