Wings by Aprilynne Pike, A Review!

Right, so I’m almost starting to feel like I read and write only about ‘fantasy’. So before I try my luck at a different genre, there’s one more series that I just cannot miss.

Wings is a 4-book series by Aprilynne Pike. This novel follows the story of Laurel, who discovers that she is a Faerie and not human. It covers how Laurel discovers about the Faerie world, becomes a part of it, and fulfils her responsibilities as a scion in the human world.

What made me fall in love with this series is the way the author has taken it through. As you read the book, you can understand that it not just tells us the story of Laurel, but also portrays her feelings along the journey. This means that despite a multitude of things happening simultaneously, you are never left confused.


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The first book, ‘Wings’,  is the story of how Laurel finds out that she is a faerie and not a human, and her discovering the world of Avalon. She finds out about other Faeries who were with her all the way, trolls and so much more. She finds support in David, a human who helps her come to terms with who she really is.

Having piqued the interest of the readers about the Faerie city Avalon, the second book, ‘Spells’ finally gives us an opening into the world, portraying the city as it truly is. It also covers how Laurel is summoned back to Avalon for her Summer to continue her education as a Fall Faerie – A mixer.

Oh right, so in Avalon, Faeries were one of four types based on their season of birth. Spring Faeries were the most common of them all. These were the working class, who had the power to influence humans by enticing them with their magic.

Summer Faeries, still a majority but lesser than the Spring Faeries, were illusionists. They were capable of creating a completely new world, changing appearances and so on.

Fall Faeries were comparatively less in number and they were the mixers. They were skilled at creating poisons, antidotes, and anything that involved understanding the fundamental being of a species and utilising it to the best.

And finally, Winter Faeries were the fewest in number, we come across only 4 across the four books. These Faeries were the rulers and were skilled at convincing any plant or tree to do as they please.

So the second book shows us the world of Avalon and Laurel’s capabilities as a mixer. It also brings with it Tamani, the Faerie sentry, who is supposed to have a history with Laurel and his unmatched love for her.

Illusions bring a new trend in the story as the problems that Avalon truly faces come into the limelight. Despite having chosen David over Tamani in the last book, Laurel ends up seeking help from Tamani. As hard as she tries, Laurel is not able to get her life back to normal.

The last book of the series, ‘Destined’ is by far, my favourite. This book brings together all the characters introduced.

Saying anything more would give out the story of the book, and this is one book that I don’t want to do that for. But having said that, I must mention that this book captures you so much that you just cannot put it down until you’ve finished reading it. And that is exactly why I loved this series so much.

My suggestion would be that you read this series, irrespective of whether you’re interested in fantasy or not. You get caught up in a whirlwind of Magic, Fantasy, and Romance like no other. Read the entire series and you will give it a 4 out of 5 yourself.

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