Family Vacations…

Right, so this one is more of a musing and almost a sort of an introduction to what is to come. Last month, I had the amazing opportunity to travel halfway across the globe from India to Greece (first), meet 18 people who I absolutely adore and spend 16 days having fun with them, traveling,... Continue Reading →

The Big Fat Indian Wedding, Part 3

And so the day dawned. It was Day 5 of my vacation back home, and the day of the extremely anticipated 'Sangeet'. We were all dressed up, receiving guests, meeting the new family and having fun. And soon enough, the event began. We began with a super cute introduction to the Bride and the Groom,... Continue Reading →

After A Break…

So I know I haven't posted in about three weeks now. I had taken a few weeks off and gone back home for my Brother's marriage. This meant an extremely hectic two weeks leading up to my vacation, a hectic two weeks of vacation and a hectic week after my vacation. But here I am,... Continue Reading →

SpiceKlub (Dubai), a Review!

After about 7 months of 'Work Work Work', I got the chance to take a break and go visit the family halfway across the world in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. So of course, after the initial hello's and the acquainting and all of that, we went out for dinner with some family friends. Their suggestion... Continue Reading →

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