The Thrill of Travelling Solo!

Disclaimer: I have, in fact, not travelled solo yet but this post is every reason why I'm planning on doing exactly that! Growing up, I've been very lucky. My parents have always been super supportive and we've always traveled a lot. Whether it was inside the country or outside, I have probably been to a... Continue Reading →

The Best of Edinburgh…

Having decided to go somewhere for the holidays, Edinburgh was the famous choice that everyone wanted to go to. It made me very curious as to why. But now, having been there, I would definitely suggest it to everyone! A beautiful city, Edinburgh is a city of rich history with so much to share. Going... Continue Reading →

Letting go and having fun…

She walked down the aisle looking for her seat. About halfway down the coach, she finally found it. She hoisted her suitcase on to the rack and sat down. University was finally done for the term and she finally had a well-deserved break. She settled into her seat, with her novel. It was a long... Continue Reading →


For every one of us, there will be something that we dream about. Something that we can never give up. Something that we want to do for the rest of our lives. I have quite a list of things that would fall under this category, and one of them is 'Travelling'. Ever since I was... Continue Reading →

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