A Whole New World…

Life had started to feel redundant,The same cycle, over and over again,For nothing seemed to change,And the road seemed to stretch until the horizon. All her heart craved was for a change,A change in the everyday drab.For what else could bring change to the routine,A routine of monotony. When the day came where she could... Continue Reading →

And Soon She Would Take a Step, At last

It only ever took her a second,A second to close her eyes and remember.Remember every touch, remember ever memory,Remember them all, never forgotten. The days since hadn't mattered,The days before almost forgotten,For the time together were centre-stage,All consumed by him. Life had kept going,Never taking a pause.And she had stayed right there,Still waiting to feel... Continue Reading →

Autumn Memories…

Alone in the tunnel, while the birds fled,Speechless and alone in the hour of the dead,As the great roots of the night grew around me. As the rivers sang and my soul fled,While slowly the fog fell,The clouds stilled while the world paused. The solitude that occupied every waking hour,Cries of anguish that died in... Continue Reading →

The Dawn of the Day…

Every little smile, Every little hug,They all had stayed fresh in her mindAnd yet, they seemed so far away now,Almost as if it had been another lifetime. Back then, at the time of the tribe,Every waking memory had been his.Her day has begun and ended with him,And all else had seemed but irrelevant. And now... Continue Reading →

Her Heart wouldn’t listen…

However deep the scars were,However traumatic the memories were,However hard practicality tried to win,The Heart wouldn't listen... Despite the proof she had,Despite the knowledge that stood front,Despite all the assurances of those around her,Her Heart wouldn't listen... As hard as the past had been,As strong as her resolve had been,As fierce as her mind had... Continue Reading →

The Expectation of a Promise!

Across the table she sat,After almost an entire year,What had happened in that time he knew not,And yet, he could tarry no longer! Despite every waking thought, he had stayed away,Thoughts that always surrounded her,Thoughts of what could have been,Thought of what should have been! He knew not how he had sustained,Seeing her sitting there,He... Continue Reading →

She was always meant to be the One!

She was always meant to be the one. She didn't know that, she didn't think that, she didn't even dream that,That someday, at some point, she would meet someone.Someone who believe, someone who trustedSomeone who would accept her,Accept her for who she was. And yet, she was always meant to be the one! She believed... Continue Reading →

Too Far Away, Chapter 13…

So Far: "I can't An. I need to apologize for the way I behaved. Especially when you needed me the most." Anna turned to face him. She had never been able to ignore him when he was being sincere. And she could see that he was today. He wanted to explain. And if that was... Continue Reading →

Too Far Away, Chapter 12…

So Far: After losing two games in a row, Jacob finally gave up and led her to the table for dinner. She had a feeling it would be the same thing they had eaten every time they had gone out when they were in school. And just as she had expected, the table was laden... Continue Reading →

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