What were you doing 10 years back?

I think for me, ever since I was a little kid, one thing I've always been passionate about is writing. And not the kind of passion that is your every waking thought. But rather the kind of passion that hid behind your consciousness and was a part of every major memory. Pc: Google Pandemic and... Continue Reading →

My 150th Post!

I have always had a passion for writing. I can't remember when exactly it started, but looking back now, it feels like I've been writing all my life. My love for the language started with books. My grandmothers read them, my brother read them, my cousins read them and it almost felt like something I... Continue Reading →

A Part of Her, Part 6…

So Far: They sat there talking for hours until the sun rose. And even then, they sat there enjoying the view, getting to know each other. It was a bliss. It was a feeling they had never felt before. And they loved it. It was weird feeling like they knew and understood someone they had only... Continue Reading →

Dance, dance and dance.

All of us have that one thing in our lives that we love. We might not have done it in a long time, but that love for it wouldn't have diminished even a bit. And one fine day, after a really long time, when you finally get to do it again, you'll only fall in... Continue Reading →

A step towards Art…

Every one of us has our own interests, our own hobbies, and our own way of dealing with things. Every one of us has our own coping mechanism. I am one that has several of these. Whether I’m happy or sad or more often, bored, I've always been the kind of person that tries to... Continue Reading →

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