Too Far Away, Chapter 1…

Chapter 1: Anna took a deep breath. She hadn't realized that she would miss Matt this much. When they had planned this out, she had been confident that she would be able to cope just as well with him far far away. And yet, all she had thought off the entire day was him and... Continue Reading →

Head in the Game, Part 1…

She sat down in an inconspicuous spot in the classroom. It was her first day and she didn't want to stand out too much. She had graduated college a couple months back and she had decided to study on to do her masters. She could have worked for some time, but some part of her... Continue Reading →

Walking Through the Door, Part 1

    She stepped through the door despite all her instincts telling her not to. She couldn't contain her curiosity. She knew that this was a once in a lifetime experience. And she knew that there were only two ways this could end. She would wait to make the biggest mistake of her life, or,... Continue Reading →

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