Songs that Sing to my Soul

So there are always going to be a few songs that strike a chord with you. Songs that you fall in love with, songs that you connect with, songs that you just cannot get out of your head. More often than not, this is not just about one random part of the song that came... Continue Reading →

Letting go and having fun…

She walked down the aisle looking for her seat. About halfway down the coach, she finally found it. She hoisted her suitcase on to the rack and sat down. University was finally done for the term and she finally had a well-deserved break. She settled into her seat, with her novel. It was a long... Continue Reading →

Connecting us all…

One thing that is common across the globe, that unites us all, is Music. There may be a thousand different genres, a million artists, and more songs than we can ever count. And of course, each of us, like our music that little bit different. But despite all that, every single one of us enjoys... Continue Reading →

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