The Lady in Front of Her!

It was hard to believe possible,And yet, there she stood,A woman like no other, A girl with a flair,The Lady in Front of her! Years of thoughts and baggage,Belief of what was true beauty,All shattered into pieces,For true beauty had finally revealed itself,The Lady in Front of her! A grace that stole your breath,The elegance... Continue Reading →

If only you could give it a try…

She finally had it in hand,That one thing she had been looking for.Something she had yearned for, all her life,Something that had kept slipping away. And today, finally, it had happened,The day she had waited for, all her life.She knew not if it would live up to her expectations,After all, nothing truly could, could it?... Continue Reading →

The Memory that had come Rushing Back….

The pitter patter of raindrops,As they fell from the sky and onto the ground.Disappearing into the depths of the land,Bringing with it a sense of joy. The smell that came with the water,As it mixed with the mud on the floor.The freshness of everything around,Evoking emotions long forgotten. He shook his head from side to... Continue Reading →

A Part of Me…

In the grey sky of early dawn, stars still glowed like happy memories, lighting up a life that is nearing its close. I stared up at the sky, imagining, moving into another world. A world my own. A world only I knew. The beach stretched beyond me and the sand glowed all around me. I... Continue Reading →

We were too far gone…

As I sat there looking around, I could not hold my patience. It had been more than 15 minutes since he had gone off to take a dive into the sea with a cheerful “I’ll be right back.” And yet, he still wasn’t here after 15 minutes. The first 5 minutes had passes fast while... Continue Reading →

Boating in Paradise…

I've always been the kind of girl that liked taking a break, going out to a new place, exploring new areas, having new experiences and the such. Going in that trend, I've been boating a couple times. I went boating in Pondicherry, I went boating in Venice, and more. Last week, I got the chance... Continue Reading →

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