The Strength in Her Heart…!

It had been months since she had felt this way,It had been awhile since he had featured in her thoughts,And yet, she felt like she had been thrown back,Back to when all had seemed lost. It had not been easy for her to move on,It had not been easy to forget,And yet, despite all her... Continue Reading →

The Order, Season 2, A Review…

Having watched Season 1 when it came out on Netflix, I was excited when I heard that there was going to be a season 2 and when it came out last month. The second season didn't disappoint, but it didn't wow me either. I'd still recommend streaming the second season if you're looking for a... Continue Reading →

Her Heart wouldn’t listen…

However deep the scars were,However traumatic the memories were,However hard practicality tried to win,The Heart wouldn't listen... Despite the proof she had,Despite the knowledge that stood front,Despite all the assurances of those around her,Her Heart wouldn't listen... As hard as the past had been,As strong as her resolve had been,As fierce as her mind had... Continue Reading →

The Expectation of a Promise!

Across the table she sat,After almost an entire year,What had happened in that time he knew not,And yet, he could tarry no longer! Despite every waking thought, he had stayed away,Thoughts that always surrounded her,Thoughts of what could have been,Thought of what should have been! He knew not how he had sustained,Seeing her sitting there,He... Continue Reading →

She was always meant to be the One!

She was always meant to be the one. She didn't know that, she didn't think that, she didn't even dream that,That someday, at some point, she would meet someone.Someone who believe, someone who trustedSomeone who would accept her,Accept her for who she was. And yet, she was always meant to be the one! She believed... Continue Reading →

The Grave…

Coming home from the Bahamas was not something I had wanted to do. Escaping to another country had allowed me to forget everything that happened before I had left. At least the fact that no one knew what had happened had given her the consolation to just relax and let go. When I finally got... Continue Reading →

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