Letting go with Dance…

As her hands stretched out, she let herself feel,Feel the music run through her,Her eyes closed of their own accord,As her mouth formed the words that led her mind into oblivion. She had always had but one release,A release that always worked.That worked in making her let go,Let go of all everything on her mind.... Continue Reading →

Autumn Memories…

Alone in the tunnel, while the birds fled,Speechless and alone in the hour of the dead,As the great roots of the night grew around me. As the rivers sang and my soul fled,While slowly the fog fell,The clouds stilled while the world paused. The solitude that occupied every waking hour,Cries of anguish that died in... Continue Reading →

Red + Blue = Purple!

Her life had always been about colour,And all around her, she saw it all in colours!The guy sitting across her, the woman in the corner table,The baby sleeping in the stroller and the waitress bringing her food!All she saw were the colours, the colours that represented them all! She had never tried to look at... Continue Reading →

Just Hiding It All Away…

She sat there trying to hide her tears from everyone around her. She didn't want anyone to notice and offer help. She no longer wanted any help. She wondered why all of a sudden, she couldn’t keep her emotions in check. She had always been good at shutting her feelings out. She had excelled at... Continue Reading →

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