In life, It Would Always Be Him…

In life, it would always be him... No matter what changed, No matter who changed, He would always be the one. Even when she had moved on, He would have always been the best. Even when she was happy, He would be the darkness in the corner of her heart. Even when she had forgotten,... Continue Reading →


The Memories Would Always Stay…

She sat at her windowsill looking out, the night was peaceful, And yet her mind wasn't. She tried to reign her thoughts in, to not think anymore, And yet, her mind wasn't hers to control. She watched the dark clouds flit by, carrying all that darkness, And yet, the darkness in her heart stayed. She... Continue Reading →


I can't remember back to the first time I fell in love with sunsets. As far back as I can remember, I remember that ever since I was a little kid, I've always thought that the sunrise and the sunset were the prettiest moments of the day. I've always felt that they had the ability... Continue Reading →

Oh No! Not Monopoly!

One of the household games across the globe, I'd say, is 'Monopoly'. It's a game that can bring people together, but more often than not, It is a game that killed relationships, created havoc and caused an uproar. In India, they have an Indianised version of the game called 'Business'. This meant that until I... Continue Reading →

Cricket and Me…

21 years and I've never been a big fan of Sports, especially not Cricket. And coming from an Indian, that is a bit of a big deal, considering that the country is pretty much obsessed with the sport. Afterall, Sachin Tendulkar, M.S. Dhoni, and Virat Kohli are household names with movies being made about them... Continue Reading →

My 150th Post!

I have always had a passion for writing. I can't remember when exactly it started, but looking back now, it feels like I've been writing all my life. My love for the language started with books. My grandmothers read them, my brother read them, my cousins read them and it almost felt like something I... Continue Reading →

The Evil Side of the World!

Maybe it is just me. But I don’t want Asifa to rest in peace yet. She deserves nothing less than to come, haunt and extract revenge from the men who did this to her. Justice for her and punishment for these men is what will allow that little girl to RIP!  If you don't know... Continue Reading →

My first-world Apple Problems…

In my last Musings post, I had already mentioned that I ended up being sucked into the world of Apple. And with a Mac, an iPhone and an iPad, life was good! Here I need to emphasize that it's been a little over three years since I got my iPad and thankfully, it's been working great... Continue Reading →

The Obsession with Apple…

Right, so growing up, I was one of those kids that didn't have a phone until I had finished my schooling. I still remember, my exams got over on a Saturday, and Monday, my dad took me to the phone store to get me my very first mobile phone! Of the options available, I went... Continue Reading →

My homesick story…

I've never been the kind of person that got homesick or wanted home food or anything of that sort right after I went somewhere overseas. But in all honesty, I suppose the longest I've been away from home, alone, was two months. The first time I spent an extended amount of time overseas was when... Continue Reading →

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