And Soon She Would Take a Step, At last

It only ever took her a second,
A second to close her eyes and remember.
Remember every touch, remember ever memory,
Remember them all, never forgotten.

The days since hadn’t mattered,
The days before almost forgotten,
For the time together were centre-stage,
All consumed by him.

Life had kept going,
Never taking a pause.
And she had stayed right there,
Still waiting to feel whole.

She could only hope for a day,
A day when she would finally start.
Start walking, first step and all,
Away from that chapter, that stage and that life.

If only there was more, more to life than him,
Maybe it would have been easier,
Easier to remember that all else had never left,
And despite the pain, she could be whole again.

For now she had to settle,
Settle for at least the awarenesss.
The awareness that it was over.
And soon she would take a step, at last.

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