If only you could give it a try…

She finally had it in hand,
That one thing she had been looking for.
Something she had yearned for, all her life,
Something that had kept slipping away.

And today, finally, it had happened,
The day she had waited for, all her life.
She knew not if it would live up to her expectations,
After all, nothing truly could, could it?

No wonder she was hesitant,
Hesitant to make the first move,
Hesitant to reveal it all,
And Hesitant to experience the truth.

When the day had passed and nothing had changed,
She knew she had no time left,
It was now or never,
It was success or failure, life or death!

Steeling her heart, she took a piece in hand,
She was determined to find the truth,
She would only every know,
If she gave it a try.

A tentative bite, testing the waters.
The minute it hit her mouth, all else disappeared.
As the chocolate melted on her tongue,
The taste hit her sense and all else was history!

That tinge of caramel, that tinge of salt, that tinge of all goodness,
It could only be a sensory reboot,
For all else disappeared amidst the chocolate,
For all else no longer mattered!

Love at first taste, Love at first sight,
Love for her the chocolate and love for the finesse,
If only you could give it a try…


What’s your favourite food story? The best item you’ve tasted? How did it feel? My first time with Brookies from Twenty Two Roses (https://www.instagram.com/twenty.two.roses/?hl=en), it was love at first taste and this poem does not even begin to cover the love I truly felt! Tell me your foodie story now!

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