All those Benefits of Reading you could be missing out on…

How many of you read? And when I say read, I’m not just talking about blogs like this one, but more importantly, all those novels and storybooks and biographies and more?

How often do you read? 

In today’s world, reading is not the easiest habit to maintain. There’s too much of a fast-paced life to catch up with. But how many of you ever thought about all how reading is helping you? And don’t worry, I am definitely not just talking about those factorial books!

Maybe because of my family, or maybe it was my school, but reading has always been a habit that stuck with me. Reading gave me company, distraction, romance, job, and love. Reading took me to a whole new world!

Without even thinking about it or consciously working on it, reading automatically helped me out in a hundred different ways. And it was only when I sat back to think about it did I even realize it!

So here’s me doing my bit and sharing all the benefits I’ve felt because of reading!

  • Increases your vocabulary and comprehension.
    • Without even realizing it, reading helped me expand my knowledge of the language. I learned new words, I got better at grammar and spellings and a few rare novels even helped with my pronunciations.
  • Empowers you to empathize with other people.
    • With how I always connected with the stories I read, I realized only recently how much reading helped me understand emotions. To understand that everyone is entitled to their emotions and to understand that everyone has their own side of things.
  • Helps with sleep
    • This one is pretty common and like with all, reading always helped me slow down, let my mind relax, and prepare for a good night’s rest!

To say the least, reading always allowed me to relax and maybe even distract myself for a while from all the stress in life.

  • lowers blood pressure and heart rate.
  • reduces stress.
  • fights depression symptoms.

And that’s just 6 benefits that I’ve personally benefited from in life subconsciously because of reading. And I am confident that when you guys think about it, you’ve probably felt a few of these. In fact, there are probably several other benefits that all of you have felt because of the habit!

The next steps are very simple! Pick up a book, read and enjoy! 

Oh and if there are any other benefits you felt, do comment and share your experience!

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