Songs that Sing to my Soul

So there are always going to be a few songs that strike a chord with you. Songs that you fall in love with, songs that you connect with, songs that you just cannot get out of your head. More often than not, this is not just about one random part of the song that came out well. Instead, it’s about some emotional connection you end up developing. Sometimes, it could be about when you heard the song the first time. Or it could be about a person you listened to the song with. It could even be about some part of your life the song resonates with.

Irrespective of the What, the Why, or the How, these are songs that are almost hardwired into your minds. The ones that we can listen to on repeat with no end.

For me, songs play a weirdly significant role in my life. Weird in the sense that I’ve never been that great with keeping up with new songs and all that. Instead, I listen to songs I like on repeat. I watch movies and I hear new songs. And I probably just see someone’s Insta Story and hear new songs. (I really need someone who can keep me updated on the latest music!)

Giving these a nice name with a ring, I’m going to call these the “Songs that Sing to my Soul”.

The songs on my list don’t have any time frame reference. It’s got really old songs, really new songs and well, songs from all over my life. And that’s to be expected, right? 

After all, your soul ain’t gonna change sistah! (Hehe)

Alright, so having built this up so much, let’s look at the songs, shall we?

  • Yaar Azhaipathu – Maara –
    • A song that’s probably on several playlists, this is one of my favorite songs that I’ve heard recently. What probably made me fall in love with this song was the lyrics first. That search for someone you don’t know but you’re looking for…And of course, in Sid Sriram’s voice, it was pure love in my mind.

Yaar Azhaipathy yaar azhapathu
Yaar kural idhu
Katharuginil Kaatharuginil
Yean olikkuthu?

  • Kannu Veesi – Kaathal Ondrai Kandaen –
    • This is a song that has actually grown really popular in recent times. I heard this song for the first time back in Jan 2020 and it immediately struck a chord with me. The love in the lyrics and the tune, it’s what we hope for in our dreams, isn’t it? The short film that this song features in actually has a really sweet story that made me sob towards the end. 

Muzhusa unakkenna naan vaazhuren
Puthusa dhinam dhinam ena paakkuren
Azhutha thozhula naan saanjupen
Alavillaama aasai vekkuren

  • Neeye- Dance Video –
    • This one’s a song I’ve written about before and one that I talk about every chance I get. My love for this song is in the dance! A musical dance video, this is the first of its kind that I’ve heard in the language. And for the love of dance I possess, there was no turning back. 

Ethilum unadhu mugam vandhu
Enadhu gavanam thadumaarum
Athilum Hooda sugamaaga
Or amaidhi kaangiren

There’s a bunch of other songs that I’ve been listening to on repeat but these are definitely my Top 3! The songs I listen to when I’m going to sleep each night, and the songs that my heart and soul dance to! 

What are your songs? What songs does your soul dance to? What song bowled you over?

One thought on “Songs that Sing to my Soul

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  1. Kanna Veesi is definitely an amazing song 🤩

    It became even more famous after Shivangi dedicated it to Ashwin in Cook with Comali!!!

    I watched the entire short film and it was outstanding! Worth watching and an emotional ending 🥲

    Liked by 2 people

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