Presenting Yourself during a Zoom Call!

I’m guessing that this is nothing brand new for all you folks WFH. All of us have dozens of meetings each week, and virtual meetings are never much fun. It always takes a little bit of extra attention during meetings to make sure that we don’t miss anything. Meetings always do take a little extra effort.

Virtual meetings haven’t been the easiest transition.

It becomes very easy to try and multitask, or get distracted, or even just daze off when someone’s talking on the other end in a virtual meeting.

So how do we fix that? What do we do in these situations?

I think as with everything else, attention and focus and all that comes with it, I think it all comes along with how interested you are in what you’re doing. And no doubt, we’re all putting in the efforts to go with this. but every little helps, right?

So here’s what I’ve seen that’s helped a lot.

Working from home, one of the greatest comforts I resorted to was home clothes while working. No more tight dresses or jeans or formals. I could work in pajamas. And that’s been a lot of fun! But then, I’ve had days in between where I’ve randomly wanted to get dressed. So I did. I put on a little makeup, got out one of my office dresses, and dressed it all up. I looked nice! What I wasn’t expecting was that surge of confidence and good mood. That sounds nice, right?

What I realized on that day was along with that mood, my attention rose as well! I was paying a lot more attention to the meeting and was able to get a lot more from the meeting.

So that’s my first recommendation. Attending a meeting? Dress for it!

The other side of virtual meetings is the side that gets lazy about it. It’s very easy to slouch in front of your laptop while yawning and just have monotonous answers for when asked. Doesn’t exactly instill any confidence or excitement, does it?

And how do you think it feels for the person on the other side? Do you think that they don’t know you’re not interested? Haha, trust me, it’s easy to hear the boredom on someone’s voice. It becomes more important on virtual calls to be mindful of how you present yourself.

So here’s recommendation #2. Be the confident person you are. Try and sit up straight and make sure you’re projecting your voice and putting the effor that you would’ve if you had been doing this meeting in person. Switch on your video whenever you can, it’ll keep you accountable. And avoid multi-tasking as often as possible to give yourself lesser distractions.

Sounds pretty straight forward and reasonable, right? It’s not too hard, trust me.

Let’s make it even simpler. Start with one day of all this and see how it goes. If you like, do it another day and if it still works, try for a week. You’ll get into the habit and you’ll see a difference!

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