Yoga with Puppies…

I’ve always been a huge fan of dogs. Definitely not something I’ve hidden. I still remember my first visit to a Cat Cafe. My sister took me to one in Vancouver and I went ga-ga over it. And ever since, I’ve been searching for a similar experience with dogs. Years later, I got to go to a dog cafe in Tai Wan. My luck, of course, that was nap time and I didn’t get to see any of them up close.

Even if not the same, when I came across an opportunity to do Yoga with Puppies, I went insane. And after almost a month of waiting, I finally got to go to my first session of PAWGA on Saturday.

I got to “The Bark”, Chennai about 5 mins before my session was about to start and found a place to settle down. By then there were already puppies out of their cage exploring the room and playing with people.

Once we finally got settled into our mats and began the session, the volunteers were great in making sure that there were puppies spread across the room and not just one corner. Another volunteer continuously available when one of the puppies peed or pooped somewhere with a towel and sanitizer in hand.

Pradaini Surva ( began with the ASANA flow that she had planned out while we tried to focus our attention on both the YOGA and the puppy under our leg with squashing it. She was an amazing and fun ball of positivity to boost the incredible situation.

All of these puppies from the shelter ( were incredibly friendly and hyper and everything you look for in a puppy.

Now with all the details settled in, let me quickly talk about my experience here. A huge fan of dogs, I was incredibly nervous before the session that these puppies wouldn’t really come to me, for whatever reason. But with the number of puppies available vs humans and the really great volunteers, I had one near me almost the entire team. By the time we started doing the little yoga that we did, I had one puppy sleeping next to me. And in just a little bit after, I had a different one sleeping on me. When I had to move into a circle, I hate having to get up and wake the little one up. But soon, yet another one found his way onto my lap.

Yoga finally ended and the volunteers began trying to get us out, which clearly didn’t work. I was sitting and petting one of these when two others ended up in my lap, the perfect Yin and Yang. I had an incredible time in the one hour I got to spend with these puppies never really wanting to leave at all. And of course, it helped to have a Polaroid photo to remember PAWGA along with some goodies from AyurBlends Natural Care (

If you haven’t checked them out yet, here’s your chance and motivation –

It was the perfect start to my weekend!

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