A Heartbroken Teenager, All Over Again….

She had never expected to hear from him,
After all those years,
She had. never expected him to reach out,
And yet, there she stood, take aback.

She still remembered that day like yesterday,
That day when her life had turned upside down.
She had stood on the road, unable to move,
Watching the back of his head as he walked away.

And today, when she had received his call,
Her first reaction had been sane,
He was an old friend after all,
She had never been able to hate him, after all.

But her reaction had surprised her,
The first sign of a compliment that came from him,
And all of a sudden she was back,
Back to being a teenager in love.

Her reaction stopped her from taking a breath,
Because when he had disappeared,
Disappeared just as she had expected to,
She stood there unable to move.

After all those years, all those days,
He had walked away, yet again,
And it ha left her heartbroken, yet again,
And there she stood, a heartbroken teenager all over again….

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