Letting go with Dance…

As her hands stretched out, she let herself feel,
Feel the music run through her,
Her eyes closed of their own accord,
As her mouth formed the words that led her mind into oblivion.

She had always had but one release,
A release that always worked.
That worked in making her let go,
Let go of all everything on her mind.

No matter what the stress,
No matter what the issue,
No matter what the cost,
Her release had always stayed the same.

She stretched her hand out again,
Letting her thoughts melt away.
She let her frustration escape,
Escape through her movements.

She knew not why her mind was in twists,
She knew not why today was worse than before.
And yet, she hadn’t been able to let go,
And she had only one option left.

She stopped thinking through things,
She stopped worrying herself.
As her hands stretched out again,
All she could feel was the music in her ears.

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