Autumn Memories…

Alone in the tunnel, while the birds fled,
Speechless and alone in the hour of the dead,
As the great roots of the night grew around me.

As the rivers sang and my soul fled,
While slowly the fog fell,
The clouds stilled while the world paused.

The solitude that occupied every waking hour,
Cries of anguish that died in the throat,
As memories of last autumn role and fell.

Memories of light, Memories of smiles,
For only the memories remained,
While all else fled with the dying embers.

I cast aside the morbid though,
Allowing no thoughts to remain,
For space remained only for autumn memories.

Keeping only darkness, the one constant,
Flinging all else to the unknown,
For I wanted only one to remain, the autumn memories.

Only my world had stopped, only my voice had stilled,
My brain still ran, ran in search despite no hope,
For every waking thought, thoughts of autumn memories…

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