The Friendship Circle…

I was recently on the phone with one of my friends when he said something that stuck with me. He’s been reading up this quarantine and came across this callout that talked about how in life, you might always have companionship and more but you only had a few close or true friends.

It’s the kind that you come across a lot in life. You’d have read quotes, people would have told you and you might have even come across movies to that theme. But I don’t know if we truly realize it.
In life, it’s easy to find friends. It’s easy to become a part of a great group. It is even easy to find those people you have a great rapport with. But what I didn’t realize growing up was something very simple, “quality over quantity!”

For a good part of my childhood, I spend time talking to everyone in my classes, I would go out of my way for everyone I knew and hoped that in the process, I would happen upon a best friend. It did the opposite though. I made a lot of friends, developed a great personality and some great qualities and habits. Unfortunately, that dream of that cliched best friend only went farther and farther away.

And the people I was nice to, for them I was a great person, a nice friend they invited to parties but not the one they called at 2 AM!

Don’t get me wrong, I had a very happy childhood, I was too young to understand what I was missing.
Weirdly enough, me finding my 2 AM friend was as unexpected as I had expected.

I don’t remember a lot of the details, but I struck up a friendship with a classmate the summer after Grade 11. He and I, to this day, are not the fit perfectly kind of people, we’re not people who always read each other’s minds, and we’re not your cliched kind of best friends.

Instead, we had nice conversations. And for some random reason, we’ve stuck together for the 7 years since all of this happened.

If I had had to pick someone to be my best friend from that class, he would’ve probably not even been one of my options. And I think that might just be why we’ve made it.

He never does anything I’d expect. He rarely listens to anything I say. And, he’s always making fun of me when we meet. He’s very annoying.

But, he’s picked up the phone every time I’ve called him at 2 AM ( 2 AM his time cause we no longer live in the same country). He’s always been the one I called when I felt like or was already crying. And there’s absolutely nothing I wouldn’t do for him.

And somewhere down the line, I always felt like I got lucky. And despite the fact that we haven’t lived in the same city for the last 6 years, the friendship stuck.

We don’t talk every day. We mostly only connect once a month. But he’s always known everything about me. He’s been my shoulder to cry on. He’s been my wall to vent to. And he’s been the very best friend!
Much as expected, I have only a few people in my life that I’d call my close friends. And just this one guy I’d call my best friend. And that minute in my life when I realized that this was perfectly fine, that was when I stopped worrying.

If you have a lot of close friends in your life, I’m happy for you. But if you’re someone who doesn’t have many friends or you’re just worried, I hope my story helps.

Throughout our life, we’ll keep meeting a lot of people. We’ll keep making friends. As long as we keep ourselves open to the idea, it’ll all workout. I promise!

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