The Mysterious Painter…

She still remembered that day in the past,
The first time she had laid eyes.
The first sight, The first painting,
That minute she had fallen in love.

All else had seemed pointless,
The painting consumed her.
She knew not what the pull was,
But she knew what she had to do.

The hands that had molded every stroke,
Every swish of the brush,
Every chosen color on the canvas,
The way they had come together.

She knew her heart wouldn’t stop,
Not until she saw the mastermind behind the canvas.
She needed to see the face and the hands,
The ones that went with the painting that had stolen her heart.

For days she followed the trail,
And yet, she still had no leads.
He moved like a ghost,
And his face, the world knew not.

She refused to let it deter her,
She knew she had to follow through.
The man behind that child on the canvas,
He had to be the one for her.

She still remembered the child’s eyes,
The reflection in the sadness,
The tiny little sliver of hope,
The hope for a better future.

Not much other than a shadow,
A shadow of a man,
A man whose looks didn’t matter,
For the kindness in his heart shone through.

That kindness that she had seen, nay felt,
It had kept her going all these days,
And she knew she wouldn’t stop,
Not until she finally found him.

And until then, her heart wouldn’t stop searching,
Searching for the Mysterious Painter..

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