Slipping Away…

Her mind had stopped processing awhile back,
The sights around her lost to her soul.
The heart continued to beat as it always did,
And yet, no emotions came through.

One could still see the evidence of the past,
Imprinted across her skin.
Shades of black and blue,
Refusing to heal and continuing to sting.

She sat in her allocated corner,
Not daring to move.
Neither her body nor her mind had the strength,
The strength to go another round.

Not much later, he finally stood in front of her,
Just as she had expected.
She dared not, to look up or show her fear,
She sat still, almost like a statue.

He surveyed her pose, her marks and, her clothes,
He was looking for a sign of weakness.
And despite her urge to run and hide,
She stayed still, not daring to move.

Time ticked by and yet they stayed that way,
Almost like the time was stretching by.

Somewhere along, the scene had morphed in her head,
She no longer sat with marks on her body,
There was no longer anyone standing above her,
And she no longer had anything to fear.

She no longer knew what was true,
Had she dreamt it all? Was her mind tricking her?
Or had she just been saved from it all?
She knew not anymore,
And yet, the fear never left her heart.

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