The Strength in Her Heart…!

It had been months since she had felt this way,
It had been awhile since he had featured in her thoughts,
And yet, she felt like she had been thrown back,
Back to when all had seemed lost.

It had not been easy for her to move on,
It had not been easy to forget,
And yet, despite all her hard work,
She was right back to feeling lost.

She still wore the memories of the past,
They stained her body, across her skin,
And while her skin had completely healed,
She realised now that her heart had not.

As he stood in front of her,
Looking her up and down,
Her mind reminded her of a scene from the past,
A past when she had belonged to him.

And as much as the scene took her breath away,
It reminded her of the struggles she had faced,
Of what it had taken to finally walk away,
Walk away from everything she knew and everything toxic in her life.

As the reminder finally sunk into her mind,
She knew she had to keep walking,
Keep walking until everything that had come rushing back,
It was all out of sight and out of heart!

The knowledge strengthened her,
So her head held high, she walked,
She walked without acknowledging anything but,
The strength in her heart….!

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