The Rain (TV Series), A Review…

The latest on my list web TV series was the Danish post-apocalyptic series, “The Rain” Recommended by Netflix, and binge-watched by yours truly, the show is about a ‘virus’ (much like reality at the moment) that in the beginning is carried by rainfall and ends up killing all Scandinavians who got caught in the rain.

The story follows the life of siblings, Simone and Rasmus whose father gets them into a bunker set up by ‘Apollon’ where they stay for 6 years before they finally come out in search of their father, a scientist. Over the three-seasons, the siblings find their father, find out the truth about the virus, meet other survivors, and towards the end, fall on opposite sides of the fight.

Each season is a little different depending on which part of the situation/virus the characters are tackling. But I for one enjoyed the last season more than the first two. New characters come in every once in a while with most of them not lasting too long and leading to a little bit of overcrowding in the show here and there.

The talents’ do a reasonably good job through the show depicting their characters well but maybe not showing the emotions as well. There are definitely parts of the show that feel like something we’ve seen or heard before which in some parts of the first season do tend to make you give up on the show. But when you still with it, there’s a little something different that’ll turn up.

Pc: Google
Pc: Google

Speaking of the third and final season specifically, there’s a lot of drama, sometimes even unnecessary, curiosity that is built, lots of twists, and a few loopholes. We’ve got a resurrected girl with not a lot of details on how it happened. We’ve got someone from the main cast who decides to get infected. We’ve got a flower that is the solution to the man-made virus with no explanation of why. And yet, the show manages to keep you engaged enough to stick with it, at least to try and find out how it ends.

So if you’re looking for a post-apocalyptic TV Series, I’d recommend giving ‘The Rain’ a shot. Stick with it past the first few episodes, and you might like it.

I’d give the entire show a 3/5.

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