Chesapeake Shores (TV Series), A Review…

After the last couple of Fantasy/Fiction/Thriller/Drama TV Series that I’ve been watching, I was looking for something more subtle to watch next.
I ended up watching Chesapeake Shores on Netflix which is a Canadian-American drama based on a novel.

And so in about 4 days, 3 of which I was still working during, without realizing it I had binge-watched through 4 seasons! And today, on day 4, no regrets! Oh and they’re all set for a Season 5 that can be expected in the Summer of 2021!

Chesapeake Shores is the story of Abby O’Brien who ends up returning home from New York and everything that happens to her and her family after. For the single mom, there’s, of course, a dynamic old flame waiting. There’s an estranged mother, a brother in the army, a writer sister, and several more in the family.

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Starring Jesse Metcalfe, Meghan Ory, Barbara Niven, Laci J. Mailey, Emilie Ullerup, Brendan Penny, Andrew Francis, Diane Ladd, and Treat Williams in leading roles, this is a heartfelt show about the ups and downs in life.

The show is wholesome, entertaining and a feel-good series that’s fun to watch. With fractured family relationships, trials that the family has to go threw and more, the little shallow storylines and almost the expectation of happy endings bring the show together. And even if you don’t feel completely taken in, you’re going to end up binge-watching as I did.

The few cliches here and there, you almost won’t even notice it! So go check it out and watch it on Netflix now!

Oh, and of course, the music, it’s brilliant and fits right into the show!

Call me cheesy, but I liked it and I’d recommend it if you’re looking for a chill and cute show! I’d give it a 4/5!

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