That Feeling of Ecstasy!

My heart stilled at the sight,
That breath of fresh air that hit my face,
The peace in everything around me,
The reality of everything that could be.

The feeling matched no other,
My heart couldn’t completely accept it,
After all, it had never felt this before,
This feeling of ecstasy!

As the road turned and the view changed,
My heart caught the first sight,
That first sight that would stay with it,
Stay with it until the end of time.

I took in a deep breath,
A breath to let it all sink in,
The smell, the view, the feeling,
Letting it all come together in the depth of my heart.

I hadn’t known it was possible,
The chances of this world that existed,
What I saw in front of me,
It had to be what the world was looking for.

And as I sat there, devoid of thoughts,
Letting myself enjoy the satisfaction of the find.
I fell in love, right there,
I fell in love with the “Kaveri”

That feeling of Ecstasy!
That feeling of Ecstasy!

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