Red + Blue = Purple!

Her life had always been about colour,
And all around her, she saw it all in colours!
The guy sitting across her, the woman in the corner table,
The baby sleeping in the stroller and the waitress bringing her food!
All she saw were the colours, the colours that represented them all!

She had never tried to look at her colour,
And yet, she knew she was a blue.
Blue like the calm rivers, serene like the clouds,
The stability and the reliability she always strived to provide!
She knew that was her, the peace and tranquility that pushed for forward.

And yet, today her attention was on one colour,
The colour that made up the boy sitting opposite her.
The boy who had always tried, tried to be there for her.
He had been there when she lost her sight,
And he had still been there when she saw the colours!

He represented the passion in her life,
He had always kept her going!
He had been there to protect her, he had been there through it all!
He had stayed when she pushed him away,
And he had still stayed when she lashed out!

He had always been the steady red in her life!
The soft red that stood for his determination and his strength.
And today, she finally realised,
His red had always stood for one thing above all else,
His red was the love he had always had for her!

It had taken her a long time to realise it,
It still scared to her think of how it could go wrong.
But she finally reached out, she reached out and lay her hand on his,
He was quick to turn his hand and hold hers with a smile on his lips,
And the purple that she saw then intertwined in their hands!

The purple showed her what was to be,
She would always be his royal Queen,
She knew her worries had been for nothing,
She could see the devotion and pride in his purple,
She could see that they were meant to be!

Pc: Google
Pc: Google

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