Telugu Movies I fell in Love with!

With South Indian languages, from personal experience, the languages have some sort of a connection, namely, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. My mother tongue is Tamil and growing up, I never learnt the other 3. And despite my love for movies, I never have had the chance to watch movies in any of these three languages.

Quarantine has of course, for all of us, brought out a new side of ourselves. There was this one Telugu film that came out awhile back, Geeta Govindam. Because of my love for the actor and this one song in the film I absolutely loved, I watched this film when it finally came out with subtitles and definitely loved the experience. After a Tamil channel recently aired this film dubbed in tamil, my family has for some reason been watching whatever Telugu movie we could get our hands on.

And without expecting it in the least, there were a few Telugu movies (all available on Amazon prime) that I absolutely loved.

So here’s my list of Telugu movies I fell in love with that you just can’t miss!

  1. Evaru
  2. Sarileru Neekevvaru
  3. Fidaa
  4. Geeta Govindam
  5. F2 – Fun and Frustration

And very briefly here, I am going to tell you exactly why!

  1. Evaru
    1. A remake on the Spanish film ‘The Invisible Guest’ and out very own Badla ( Hindi version). Despite having seen Bandla before, I didn’t realize what film I was watching and started watching Evaru with my parents. Wha surpirse me the most was that depite know a rough and little different version of the plot, this film kept me engaged the entire time. The suspense, the screenplay and cinematography is on point and definitely a film I’d recommend if you haven’t watched Badla yet!
  2. Sarileru Neekevvaru
    1. “He’s so cute, he’s so sweet, he’s so handsome!”. If you’ve ever heard this song and wandered which movie this was in (which I clearly did) look no further. Overall, I did think the film felt a little long, but a great commerical masla film from Tollywood with two distiguishable sets that keep you rolling on the floor laughin. A great comedy drama that you’re sure to like!
  3. Fidaa
    1. Probably the first Telugu movie I watched mainly for the lead actress, this one is a great happy-go-lucky, fun, romantic drama that you can watch and enjoy without thinking too much to just have fun. (Oh and if you want a review for this one,
  4. Geeta Govindam
    1. Where do I even begin. I am a little biased to this film. I love the actor (Vijay Devarkonda, of course), I loved the actress in her portrayal (Rashmika Manndana), I loved the plot and I loved the screenplay. A fun little romantic comedy entertainer!
  5. F2 – Fun and Frustration
    1. So this was in fact “The” Telugu movie that made me want to watch more Tollywood movies this quarantine. A brilliant traditional Indian drama that will have you laughing the entire time for the absolutely riot filled comedy that it is! You can’t miss this one.

I know this is not an exhaustive list, but this is definitely what I’ve come across so far in my foray into Tollywood that I had to share with all of you! Do watch and equally importantly, if there’s any other movies that belong in this list, comment and I be sure to watch it!

I hope you’re keeping safe and occupied this quarantine and I hope these lists have helped!

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