What’s been going on with my life…?

Life, of course, never stops having it’s a fair share of ups and downs. The last couple of months for me have felt like a bit of a downward slope. 

Don’t get me wrong, from an outside view, things were going good. Work has been good, I got a promotion, getting to live with my family has been great (both before and after COVID-19), and I’ve had the chance to get in touch with a lot of friends and stay in touch and be happy. So you’d think things were on track. 

But here’s the catch, me as a person, what I’ve always loved about life is that opportunity for something new. The thrill of the unexpected.

But it feels like for me, things started getting a little bit predictable. And no doubt, from there, boredom kicked in. 

I’m going to break this into two things to just talk about what happened and what I did. And hopefully, somewhere along the thread of my thought, this will help you kick things up as well. 

Right so first work. When I joined my job, I started with a very basic knowledge of the industry and how things worked. The first 7-8 months, I worked hard to make sure I understood. And this didn’t stop with just understanding the job. I wanted to understand the business, the company, the market, and the industry. Towards the end there when I was getting the hang of how things worked, I started subconsciously feeling a bit off. Maybe that was boredom or falling into a habit or just not going after something new. I took a little time then, where I stopped. I was doing what was required and nothing more. Think of it as some downtime to regroup and get to a new square one.

At the end of that, through a very sub-conscious effort, I automatically started again. I contributed more, I worked more, I did more and of course, I learned more. With all of that going as planned, I hit a snag again recently during which what I was doing at work was no longer enough for me. This one though happened amidst and because of COVID-19. Being back home and getting used to WFH, it was right in my comfort zone. I knew I had to get myself out of this comfort zone if I wanted to contribute more. So I did exactly that. 

I got my post-it’s out, I went back to how I used to track things in school, signed up for more things with the job and I’m getting into that groove now. When I get to that stage where I need that break, I’ll take one. After all, none of us should be afraid of a break every once in a while. It will only help us get back with more vigor and passion.

So my advice if you’re feeling a bit off with your job? Re-group! Make sure you’re doing what you want to be doing. Make sure you take the time to contribute more. Make sure you’re fulfilling expectations – not just your manager’s but equally importantly, yours! And of course, Make sure you’re taking that break when you need one.

With work sort of going, as usual, I’ve still been having a hard time over the last couple of months. It’s been hard to shake off this feeling that something’s missing. It took me a while, but I finally realized why. While I had kept myself challenged with work, I had stopped challenging myself personally.

I’ve always had a bit of a problem with my work-life balance. And this is mainly because of the kind of person I am. I’ve always been “All-In” on whatever I did. But since I joined my job, I’ve also made sure that when I needed it, I took some time to do what I wanted to be doing in the personal front. Over the last couple of months though, I stopped. For no specific reason, I stopped. 

I haven’t finished doing this one yet, but this is me putting a plan in place to establish a new square one for myself. 

  1. I want to go back to doing everything I loved doing.
  2. All of those small silly things I did that I had so much fun doing, I’m going to start doing those again.
  3. And whatever I do, I’m going to keep doing it!

I know this blog has been a bit here and there with where I’m going. But I promise this is more of letting all of you know what’s been going on with me and maybe, just maybe, help some of you in the process!

And just to finish, here’s the mantra that’s always worked for me, personal or professional; (In the words of Vince Lombardi)

Go Longer, Work Harder, Give More than Anyone Else!

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