The Smell of Insane…

She woke with a start,
Body drenched in sweat!
Her dream came rushing back,
The scare, the fear, and the rush.

And ever since, she had kept trying,
Trying to get that rush back,
That feeling as adrenalin coursed through every vein,
And yet, nothing had worked.

Her insides felt hollow,
The nothing she had become,
A shell on the outside, impenetrable,
Not love, not fear, not fate!

She was slipping away,
Losing herself,
No longer thinking for herself,
No longer feeling!

Two months later,
She woke again with a start,
A rush of blood, a rush of adrenalin,
So much so that she felt Giddy!

She had found herself again,
She could feel something,
She could feel herself!

The blood in her hands didn’t matter,
What lay in front of her didn’t matter,
Nothing but the rush she felt,
And more importantly, that smell…

That Smell of Insane,
That Smell that was now Home!

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