Dracula (2020), A Review…

As soon as it got added onto Netflix, Dracula was immediately on my ‘Top Picks for You’. So of course, I binge watched the series the first chance I got.

Here’s what I didn’t know before I started watching.

  1. The story of Dracula except for that Count Dracula was a vampire (Yes, I admit, it is weird that I haven’t actually come across the story so far).
  2. That it was feature length episodes (And surprisingly enough, it didn’t make too much of a difference).
  3. That there were only 3 episodes!

So suffice to say that I was surprised when I finished the series much faster than I anticipated. But alright, let’s get down to the nitty gritty parts now.The latest Dracula series based on the novel by Bram Stoker is a three episode series that premiered on January 1st, 2020 and realeased on BBC One and Netflix. The series stars Claes Bang and Dolly Wells in lead roles and was directed by Jonny Campbell, Damon Thomas and Paul McGuigan.

To describe the series, it was messy, yet gripping and gross, yet thrilling.

The story, of course, revolves around Count Dracula, how he came across Jonathan Harker and everything that follows as Count Dracula attempts his move into the New World, England! The series, further goes on to establish rules about vampires, the garlic, the reflection, the bats, the flies, the sun. And then, it also manages to break most of these rules by the end of the series. And of course, we have a nun who doesn’t always follow the rules to tell us the story and tell Dracula the truth. Oh and yea, the nun’s ancestor, who is a scientist.

There’s a lot in the series that might not have been completely explained but still makes sense. Sister Agatha is able to manifest herself in Zoe’s body. How is this? Well, this follows the premise that when Zoe drinks Dracula’s blood who had previously fed on Sister Agatha’s blood, Zoe ingests her essence which gives Sister Agatha the chance to stop her nemesis, again.

How can vampires come out in the sunlight? Well, as it turns out, it was all in his head. Including the allergy to the cross and mirror, these have all been things that Dracula hated since he became a vampire and well, even forgot why. And as it turns out, all of this was probably a manifestation of Dracula’s shame for being who he was!

And of course, after all that, Dracula gets a chance at redemption. Zoe has cancer. And that makes her blood toxic to vampires. And so of course, Dracula drinks her blood, thus giving both of them an end to their sufferring. And of course, why would Dracula even do that? That we believe is because he did drink from Sister Agatha after all. And when he did, he absorbed her traits, her mercy, her compassion, which now flows through his veins.

So what wen wrong with the series?

Well, for one, the tone keeps shifting along the 3 series between an attempt at humour, horror and gore. And while the story comes through, there is definitely a struggle to get the depth and the meaning out and making sure that the story line sticks through despite any distractions.

There were also some nice snippets that definitely added to the benefit of the series.

The firm’s wifi password being Dracula, which of course he guessed was definitely obvious the minute he guessed it, but it never strikes you until then. Brilliant acting by the characters who manage to pull off their fantasy characters brilliantly.

There are still definitely a few loopholes around the story, like Jonathon Harker’s foundation for instance. Which of course, makes me wonder about the next season.

So yea, I’d definitely suggest watching the series. I’d give it 3.8/5!

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