You, Season 2, A Review…

I remember sitting and writing this out after I watched the first season of ‘You’ on Netflix. I was almost a little bit excited when I realized the second season was on Netflix as well. But to be honest, I wasn’t as happy with the season as the first one.

If I had to describe season 2 in one line, “It is pretty much along the same lines of Season 1 with a twist in the very end!”

I’m going to try not to have too many spoilers on this post, but be prepared for a few!

Right, to start off with the basics, 10-episode season starring Penn Badgley reprising his main role with Ambyr Childers returning to her role as ‘Candace Stone’ and Victoria Pedretti joining the cast in one of the main roles with several other recurring casts who all plan a brilliant part in their roles.

Season 2 picks up where season 1 left off with Joe now running from the ex he thought dead Candance and where as much as he tries to avoid it, Joe, of course, falls in love again, this time with a new paramour Love Quinn. Season 2 now also has a bunch of new characters woven in to replace the characters fro season 1. For example, Love steps in for Beck, Paco’s role is now taken over by Ellie, and Peach’s role is taken over by Forty. The season, however, is definitely slower than the first one, with a lot of twists as the story unravels, none as big as the one in the very end!

The season is definitely one that you’re going to binge on and finish before you come up for a breath. After you’ve done that, that’s when you’ll realize that it is strikingly similar to the first season with some changes here and there. So of course, the story is still captivating leaving you waiting for the third season!

Overall, I liked it but would have loved a little bit more of a change in the storyline. I’d give it a 4/5!

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    1. Haha, It does have a few spoilers, but hey, if you’re looking for something to convince you to watch…


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