Cheers to 2019 and a Welcome to 2020!

As much as I would not like to belive it, 2020 is here! Don’t ask me why I’m surprised, but I just am. It definitely does not feel like a whole year has gone by. I feel like it was last week when I got on the flight to move back to India. And it feels like yesterday was my first day at work. And yet, I’ve been in India for 1 year and my job for almost 11 months now. And well, 2019 was amazing!

When I started this year, I made it a point to not make any resolutions. It was going to be my first time in a job, out of school and well, adulting. I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t know what was coming, I had no commitments, I had no plans. And well, I think that was the way to go, or I would have disappointed myself a little bit.

So what here’s how 2019 went for me in a nutshell!

I started the year fresh out of university. I started my professional career at a brilliant company with loads of opportunities and lots to learn. I made new friends, kept in touch with some and got back in touch with a few. I fell in love with marketing…again… I fell in love with Bangalore. I did well at work, I traveled to Europe….again..

So, I guess I absolutely enjoyed myself and I can’t wait to see what 2020 has to show!

There’s a small catch here. For the first time in forever, I am actually gearing up for a new year with expectations from myself and I am excited to see what I achieve and where I exceed them!

I considered putting my list up here and then, well, for whatever reason, I’ve decided to wait. Instead, I’ll write again at the end of the year and definitely tell you all my list that I have now and what I did do after all. But I’ll tell you right now that I am definitely going to start doing right by this blog!

Before I say bye and all that, have all you made your resolutions for 2020? And more importantly, are you going to have a resolution for yourself for this year?

Well, if you decide not to, then trust me, it’s perfectly alright. What matters is that every step of the way, you make sure you’re giving it your all. And if you do decide to make yourself a list, just keep one thing in mind. Don’t give yourself a New year Resolution simply because the new year’s come around. Give yourself a plan based on what you want to do this year. Try and figure out where you want to be at the end of the year, and make your resolutions based on that.

And if you can’t figure it out, that is still alright, I promise! We can give it another try in a year 🙂

So here’s wishing every one of you a very Happy New Year and best of wishes!

Welcome to 2020!
Welcome to 2020!

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