The Grave…

Coming home from the Bahamas was not something I had wanted to do. Escaping to another country had allowed me to forget everything that happened before I had left. At least the fact that no one knew what had happened had given her the consolation to just relax and let go.

When I finally got home, nothing seemed to have changed. Even after a whole month, everything looked exactly the way she remembered. The mailbox was still on the ground, the name sign outside the door was still crooked and doorknob was still a little broken.

I had run away on that fateful day. I hadn’t looked back once. But well, it didn’t matter now, Emma was never going to come back to hold her responsible.

Emma. I hadn’t thought about Emma in a month, mostly because I had blocked it all out. But now that I had, and now that I was home, I had to see Emma. I had to see if everything I remembered was as it had been.

I started walking around the house to the backyard. I could only hope that everything was as it should be. Only hope!

When I finally got around to the back, I could see what I was looking for off in the distance. The grave markings were exactly as I had left it before I ran away. I walked closer, almost as if being pulled to the grave by some invisible energy.

My heart stopped when I finally reached the grave.

I was looking into what used to be the grave, and it was EMPTY!

Ps: I used a writing prompt for this one and I think it’s come out alright. Please do give me any feedback you have. Thanks.

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