Too Far Away, Chapter 13…

So Far:

“I can’t An. I need to apologize for the way I behaved. Especially when you needed me the most.”

Anna turned to face him. She had never been able to ignore him when he was being sincere. And she could see that he was today. He wanted to explain. And if that was what he wanted, she would listen to him, even if she knew it wouldn’t make a difference to her. But maybe, just maybe, this way, they could finally put it all behind them.

Chapter 13:

Anna could still remember everything that had happened all those years back as though it had been yesterday.

That rush of sadness she had felt when she had realized that the one guy she had always counted on to be there for her wasn’t there. It was something she still shied away from. To this day, she knew that she still hadn’t gotten over it. She had forgiven him. But she had never been able to come to terms with it. It was almost like she was back outside that worn down the coffee store, tattered clothes, alone and nowhere to go to. Her mind recoiled from the pain that shot through her. She couldn’t believe that after all those years, the pain and the embarrassment had not gone down at all. It had taken her a long time to forget that incident and go on with her life, she couldn’t go back there.

Without saying anything to Jacob, she turned away and started walking. She had a bad feeling about what would happen if she went back down that road. And as much as she wanted to hear him out, she knew she wasn’t ready for it. It was like everything bad that had happened in her life was coming back to haunt her. Jacob caught up to her in a minute, but he didn’t say anything. He seemed to understand that she wasn’t ready to talk about everything that had happened and he seemed to have given that topic up. At least for now.

Soon enough, the two of them had walked out of the house and were walking around, randomly, aimlessly. It seemed like everything was fine again, at least for now. They walked for a while, hand in hand, talking about last night, childhood memories they had always remembered and so much more.

It had never mattered whether they had been kids, teenagers and apparently adults. They had always felt perfectly comfortable with each other, no matter what and today, she knew that that would always be there. After all, we all sc*** up some time or the other.

She just hoped it would be an uphill journey from here…

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