3 Ways to Overcome your Writers ​Block!

Inevitably, when you love something and do it regularly, there is going to be a phase or a time when as much as you want to do this thing you love, you’re not able to.

Here’s what you need to know when this happens.

It happens! And not just to you, to everyone.

For me, writing has always been something I’ve enjoyed more than words could describe. But every once in awhile, I go through these phases. I want to sit and write, but either I can’t think of what to write about, or just don’t have the right set of mind to actually write.

Here’s what seems to work for me when my writer’s block sets in.

  1. Take a break: For the past month, it’s been hecic at work and as much as I wanted to write so that I could keep my blog up to date, I just couldn’t. And not because I didn’t try. So I decided to take a break. I took 2 weeks off and stopped forcing myself to write. And, it seem’s to have worked for me and I am back to doing what I love. But remember, there’s a difference between taking a break and procrastinating and the latter is a killer.
  2. Get Active: This one differs from person to person. For me it’s dancing, for you it could be running, cycling or whatever physical activity you enjoy. But when you’re pushing your body physicaly, you stop overthinking and stressing and when you come back, you’ll have a fresh perspective and the perfect setting to write.
  3. Just Write: As ironic as this sounds, sometimes, you just need to sit down and write your heart out. You might not succeed in writing what you want to write, but then, just write. Write some random article that you want to and it’ll do wonders to get you back into your groove and channel yourself.

So there you go, 3 ways that have always worked for me when I needed to overcome my Writer’s Block. If you’ve got anything else that works for you, do comment it here and you just might end up helping someone out.


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