4 ways to Deal with Nervousness…

Every one of us has a different way we deal with issues and how we prepare and all of those things. Involuntarily, every time we do something new, we do tend to get nervous. In some situations, this nervousness is almost in the background. In other situations, they tend to be full-fledged almost making us unable to concentrate on anything else. And the best part is, the minute we get nervous about doing something, we know for sure that this is something that we care about in some way or another.

After all, if it wasn’t something that we cared about, why would we be worried about how we do or how things were going to turn out?

The important part is, at the end of the day, how we deal with this nervousness. Otherwise, there’s a good chance that we end up not doing that great.

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So here’s 4 ways to go about things when you’re nervous!

  1. Make sure you’re PREPARED
    1. The best way to deal with your nervousness is to make sure that you’re well prepared for what is to come. This could be just knowing what is about to come or making sure you know how to do things.
  2. DISTRACTING yourself
    1. Sometimes the best thing to do could be to stop overthinking what is to come. Having prepared for it, more often than not, we tend to overthink things and get upset or nervous and more. The minute we distract ourselves for a little time, our mind gets the chance to rest and recuperate and compile the knowledge that we already have, thus allowing us to do better when the moment comes.
    1. Visualizing what is about to come, and believing that it would go well always tends to have a positive impact on how we go about things. We get happier about what is to come and we are automatically more expectant and prepared for the eventuality.
  4. SW Analysis
    1. List out or think about your strengths and weaknesses in regards to the situation. This will give you another idea about what to prepare for and what to concentrate on.

So here you go. Next time you’re getting all set up to do something new, here are 4 ways for you to deal with your nervousness. And remember, if you’re nervous, it is definitely a good thing!

If you can think of anything else to help, do comment and share and help someone else!

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