Too Far Away, Chapter 11…

So Far:

He quickened his step, reaching the car a second before she did, opening the passenger seat for her to sit down. He closed the door behind her and walked around to the driver’s side, vowing to himself that he would do whatever it took to keep her happy tonight. He was definitely glad that he had forced to dress up for the night. It was going to be a night to remember…

Chapter 11:

After about a half hour drive, Jacob finally slowed the car and pulled to a stop. Around them, the street was littered with lit up stores. But from where she sat, Anna couldn’t see just what stores they were.

Getting off and walking side by side, Jacob led her closer to the stores on the right side. As they got closer to the window displays, Anna realized that what she had assumed to be store were instead a bunch of clubs set up right next to one another. It had been a long time since she had gone out clubbing and despite her excitement for the night, she wasn’t sure she felt up for a night out. But before she could say anything to Jacob, he turned around and replied to her thoughts.

“Don’t worry An, I’m not taking you clubbing. I know it looks like it, but you’ll have fun tonight, promise.”. Anna just smiled back at him and followed. She had a feeling that he would be right. This would be fun. When they got to the door of the place closest to them, Jacob seemed to show something like an ID card to the security standing near the door who then let them in instantly. Jacob turned around to offer his hand and the minute she took it, they were off.

Inside the door was a long corridor filled with more doors on either side. There didn’t seem to be any marking or numbers and it was definitely confusing owing to the fact that almost all the door seemed to look alike. After what seemed like five minutes, Jacob came to a stop near one of the doors on the right. He fished a key out of his jacket pocket and slid it into the keyhole. He turned around to face her before opening the door.

“I am not sure how to explain this, but this is essentially a set of exclusive rooms available to certain people in the higher levels at work for like last minute business meetings and stuff. It’s private, can be set up and has absolutely anything you can think off. I wanted you to get out of the house and have fun. You deserve to An. I… I’m not sure which of this stuff you still like, but I really hope you enjoy.”

Without giving her a chance to reply, he slid the door open and led her in. Inside, Anna felt like she was stepping into one of the meeting rooms you would usually find in the five-star hotels. It was a high ceiling room with a chandelier in the center. In the middle, a table was set up with food with an ice bucket with a champagne bottle in it. On the side of the room, she could see a foosball table. In the other corner, there was also a TV with a sofa in front of it. She turned to Jacob with questioning eyes.

He had a sheepish look on his face and smiled at her. “We’re just spending the night here instead of at home,” he replied. Anna couldn’t help but smile back at him and laugh. She took his hand and led him to the foosball table. They had always loved playing.

After losing two games in a row, Jacob finally gave up and led her to the table for dinner. She had a feeling it would be the same thing they had eaten every time they had gone out when they were in school. And just as she had expected, the table was laden with a few different varieties of pizza and pasta. They grabbed a plate full of what they wanted and settled down in front of the TV. Jacob had managed to get a hold of a copy of one of the older sci-fi films from their school days and it was easy enough to settle there with him and watch the movie. It almost felt like coming home. Anna felt like she could finally relax after a long long time.

To Be Contiued…

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