Too Far Away, Chapter 10…

So Far:

She got off her spot and finally began to get ready. Jacob had said that he’d be home from work around 5:30 pm today and that he wanted to take her out. She would have definitely preferred simple jeans and a t-shirt, but he had explicitly asked her to dress up. It felt almost weird making an effort after a long time.

But she enjoyed it, much to her surprise. It felt good to make an effort….

Chapter 10:

On the dot at 5:30, Jacob showed up outside her room. “You ready to go?” he asked. She gave her hair one more length-wise brush, grabbed the purse that lay next to the mirror in front of her and turned to face him.

Even when they had been young and studying together, Jacob had always known that Anna was a beautiful woman. He had always admired her strength, grace and that curvy frame that had always been bubbly. He hadn’t seen much of that side of Anna since he had seen her in the bar that day. He had, in fact, never considered the possibility of asking her out on a date. She had always been his friend.

But what he saw when she turned to finally face him, took his breath away.

Anna looked more beautiful than he ever remembered seeing her. In the last month, locked away in the house wallowing in self-pity, she had somehow lost even more weight. And yet, there she was. That perky girl with a sparkle in her eye and a smile that made you want to pull her into a bear tight hug.

Too Far Away...
Too Far Away…

Catching himself staring at her, he pulled himself together and smiled back at her. Walking down the two floors to the car he had left parked right outside, what took him by surprise was the realization that what he felt for her was not lust. Instead, he felt this overpowering need to protect her. She had seemed frail and weak in the last month, and today, he could see the strong, beautiful grown up that she really was. Despite having never even met him, Jacob felt a surge of hatred like never before towards Matt. He hated what Matt had done to her.

He quickened his step, reaching the car a second before she did, opening the passenger seat for her to sit down. He closed the door behind her and walked around to the driver’s side, vowing to himself that he would do whatever it took to keep her happy tonight. He was definitely glad that he had forced her to dress up for the night. It was going to be a night to remember…

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