The Stylist by Rosie Nixon, A Review…

‘The Stylist’ was one book that stood out to me on the shelves. I absolutely adored the cover.

Rosie Nixon writes the story of Amber, a window dresser in one of the high-end shops in London and her life-altering situation. Overall, the story follows the life of an ambitious Amber Green as she grabs a career opportunity that comes her way, takes it in her stride, and does what needs to be done.

A book that almost seems like it was written to be made into a film, this is one story that you can read through and enjoy the cliched and yet unanticipated twists, a romance that you completely second and a life you definitely wish you had. It is clear that the author has a good insight into the industry she writes about, thus giving the readers that hint of realism. he attention to detail from the author elevates the entire experience.

Pc: Google
Pc: Google

It is also very easy to notice the comparisons that the book makes to ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ making you wonder what they have in common, what they don’t and of course, which one you like more.

A few of holes with respect to the characters, the plot and what seems like an unnecessary inclusion of romance in the story, are all factors that unfortunately do seem to affect our impulse to continue reading. And yet, when you finish the book, you’re left with a story that you relate to and love.

With respect to romance, that is definitely something we have come to expect from this genre. And yet, in the case of Amber, it seems unnecessary. Amber starts off with no men in her life. When her career seems to get better, along with the work comes two men. A Hollywood rising star who exists mostly only on text, and TV Producer Rob who despite a great connection with Amber turns out (Spoiler!!) to be already taken! Well, he’s taken until the last page of the novel when he and Amber end up back together in what seems like a happy ending for the sake of one.

The novel manages to bring through energy and a hint of fun if you start reading for the story and stop overanalyzing every chapter. I would recommend this book for its story. And the author has clearly done a splendid job for her debut novel.

I’d give the book a 3.5/5.

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