Too Far Away, Chapter 9…

So Far:

“Come stay with me for a while. I’ll help you around for a while and you can stay however long you wish.” As much as Anna didn’t want to take up his offer, she knew that she had no choice. She merely shook her head yes. That was all the energy she could muster up for now. Smiling a small thanks to him, she went back to gazing at the beautiful city stretched out below her and the happy fireflies flitting by.

Chapter 9:

It had been almost a month since Anna had walked in on her husband cheating on her. And it had been a hard month for her.

For a while now, Matt had been a huge part of every decision she had made. Irrespective of whether it had been a conscious move or not. She had never felt left out or alone when he had been by her side. And she hadn’t even felt like it when he had moved away. She had been satisfied with five minutes a week and a snap every now and then. She had understood and respected that they were individuals, and better yet, loved the chance to grow her own career.

And it had worked for awhile. Anna had managed to become one of the more reputed analysts in her line of work. And in fact, she had always attributed her success to the fact that she had loved what she did. She knew that if she had put her heart into it, it wouldn’t have been very difficult to find herself a job in Amsterdam. But the idea of going into an office and spending a day crunching numbers no longer held any of her interest. In fact, the idea seemed to completely put her off.

Jacob had been extremely nice over the last month. He had even gone so far as to point blank refuse to allow her to move out. So she had stayed in his guest room spending her days over thinking things and attempting to move on. While she hadn’t succeeded in forgetting Matt, she had thankfully stopped crying over him all the time. She had immediately realized that he wasn’t worth it. But it had still been hard to get that moment to stop playing on repeat in her head. And she owed how she felt to Jacob.

He had been there for her, lent a shoulder to cry on, and a distraction whenever she needed one. He had made her go out at least once in a while and more importantly, never pried.

She got off her spot on the window sill in her room and finally began to get ready. Jacob had said that he’d be home from work around 5:30 pm today and that he wanted to take her out. From experience, she knew refusing to come wouldn’t work, so had decided to just get dressed instead. She would have definitely preferred simple jeans and a t-shirt, but he had explicitly asked her to dress up. It felt almost weird bothering to get dressed up and doing her make up and making an effort after such a long time.

But she enjoyed it, much to her surprise. It felt good to make an effort….

To be continued…

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